Wilhelm Mundt at Neue Galerie Gladbeck

In his exhibition totes Kapital (dead Capital) in the Neue Galerie Gladbeck, Wilhelm Mundt shows for the first time a complex spatial installation that can be read as a sculptural extension. Mundt's sculptures thus become accessible in a certain sense. Wilhelm Mundt explores and provokes the boundaries of sculptural work and – it seems – reverses the relationships: the outside becomes the inside, the exhibition space becomes body and object. Contradictorily and at the same time quite naturally, the artist dissects narratives and condenses relationships into a completely new space of experience.

Wilhelm Mundt was born in Grevenbroich, Germany in 1959 and lives in Cologne and Rommerskirchen. He holds a professorship for sculpture at the HfBK Dresden.

Buchmann Galerie has been working with Wilhelm Mundt since 1994 and has presented his work in numerous exhibitions in Basel, Lugano, Cologne and Berlin.

Neue Galerie Gladbeck
Bottroper Str. 17
D–45964 Gladbeck

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