Nigel Cooke at Hastings Contemporary, Hastings, UK

Nigel Cooke is one of Britain’s leading contemporary artists, pushing the boundaries of painting. The New York Times describes Cooke’s work as having ‘magic realist illusion, post-apocalyptic fantasy and extreme shifts of scale’. Best known for his monumental paintings, Cooke explores the meeting point between memory and imagination, abstraction and figuration, and natural and manmade environments. For this exhibition Cooke has drawn inspiration from Jerwood Gallery’s seaside location and the spaces between the shoreline, sea and sky. 

Painter’s Beach Club will also include an exhibition Cooke is curating entitled Telescope. Intriguingly, Instagram has played a key role in helping Cooke to decide which artists to include: “I was following this idea of the ocean voyage as a metaphor for the artistic journey into the unknown. The studio is like a ship and I had this funny idea that looking at Instagram – as painters do in the studio – was like using a telescope.”

19/01/2019 – 24/03/2019, Hastings Contemporary, Hastings, UK

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