New Publication by Alberto Garutti "Tre soglie a Ca' Corniani" – Marsilio Editori, Venezia

This publication covers the three site-specific installations by Alberto Garutti who won the Art Competition for the Three Thresholds. These three works mark and interpret the three entrances to Ca’ Corniani in the Veneto region, Italy. The works are conzeptualized as symbolic borders of a place that is always “open” and accessible to visitors. Art and agriculture together trigger a process of attention and sharing of a place that goes beyond any geographical value, that raises community awareness and that will grow in years to come and bear fruit.

The story of Ca' Corniani commenced in 1851, when the engineer Daniele Francesconi, Assicurazioni Generali's executive secretary for the Veneto region, acquired a large expanse of  marshland in the vicinity of Caorle. The aim was to turn an insalubrious and inhospitable area into an innovative model farm, able to create jobs and raise the standard of living of the local population. With pertinacity and farsightedness work started on the first and the largest operation of reclamation ever carried out by private enterprise in the history of Italy, anticipating the concept of bonifica integrale (the reclamation of both land and people) that lay at the base of operations of public reclamation in Italy in the 20th century. The end result was a populous village, supplied with services that were decidedly advanced for the time, such as a post office, a school, a doctor and even a theater. [...]


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A catalogue was published on the occasion of the project.

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