Ellinor Landmann at the swiss Radio SRF on Wolfgang Laib (in Swiss German)

Fine pollen, big questions


Ellinor Landmann's inspiring radio essay on the exhibition Crossing The River by Wolfgang Laib at the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur, broadcast on Swiss Radio SRF, can now be heard online (in Swiss German only).


"On the floor of the Bündner Kunstmuseum lie 25,000 heaps. Small piles of rice, one next to the other, neatly heaped up. Wolfgang Laib and his helpers patiently laid out 1400 kilos of rice for five days. And while they were setting up the work, Russia started the war in Ukraine.


Isn't spreading rice on the ground for an art exhibition absurd, especially in times of war? "No, on the contrary!" says the older man with glasses firmly. Only during war does it become clear how important art and culture are. They are actions that inspire, delight, move people forward, in contrast to war, says Wolfgang Laib."



Read and hear the whole article in German here



The exhibition "Wolfgang Laib. Crossing the River" can be seen at the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur from 19.3. to 31.07.2022

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