Daniel Buren at Museo Espacio, Aguascalientes, Mexiko

The new Museo Espacio‘s 6,000 square metres of industrial architecture have recently been overtaken with an installation by acclaimed artist Daniel Buren, whose ‘in situ’ works exploring the relationship between art and that which frames it have beguiled art critics since the 1960s. The French artist is literally toying with his viewer’s imaginations in Como un juego de niño — filling the space with over 100 geometric objects that hark back to childhood and the very genesis of our learning. Buren’s renowned colour palette is on show here too, as are the 8.7 cm wide stripes he began using in 1965, as the beginning of research into what painting is, how it is presented, and the environment in which artists work. 

Photocredit: Luis Alvaz, licensed via creative commons


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