Bettina Pousttchi at Arp Museum Remagen

The exhibition at the Arp Museum features sculptures, reliefs and photographs from the last seven years, the title "Fluidity" referring to the changeable, fluid form of the recent works by the German-Iranian artist. Bettina Pousttchi mechanically deforms all too familiar urban furniture such as tree guards, street posts or crash barriers, coats them with paint or polishes them to a high gloss. Transformed in this way, the found objects take on an innovative and often dynamic aesthetic. Arranged in groups, the abstract forms such as the Squeezers or the Vertical Highways become figures that communicate and interact with each other. Leaving their original purpose of establishing order in public space, the industrially produced elements become individuals that animate the exhibition space.


The industrially manufactured elements abandon their original purpose of establishing order in public space and become individuals who enliven the exhibition space. Pousttchi's work Marianne (2015) from the Squeezers series completes the Skulpturenufer (Sculpture Bank) Remagen as the last artistic position. During the exhibition, it was set up below the Unkelstein Bridge in Oberwinter and will remain there permanently.


The architecture of the museum's building by Richard Meier, with its generous white walls, also offers an ideal setting for the group of works of Frameworks, multi-part reliefs with oriental-looking square elements made of fired and glazed clay. These works are complemented by the recently created series of Directions, which are mounted "floating" on the wall as cut-out objects made of cut and color-coated steel. Roads with markings, on the other hand, determine the Drive Thru photo series. This was based on the installation Drive Thru Museum in the Nasher Sculpture Center Dallas 2014, in which the artist presented her own work in dialogue with the museum's collection in an unusual way, including the sculpture Knospentorso by Hans Arp. The resulting photo now invites you to follow the dynamic rhythm of Bettina Pousttchi's trendsetting works in the Arp Museum.


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