A sculpture by Wilhelm Mundt called Trashstone 748.

Trashstone 748, 2020

Production waste in GRP
60 (h) x 102 x 70 cm
23½ (h) x 40¼ x 27½ in
The sculptures’ „interior“ consist of studio waste, which the artist artfully wraps in coloured polyester. Thus, the end form of each Trashstone only hints at its interior content; the wrapped up waste and trash remain visible only in their determination of the final form, the works in themselves containing more in their biomorphic beauty than the eye can see. Essential components of the work – the form-giving interior, its material as well as their metaphorical content – remain hidden from view. The discrepancy between the visible, the shiny, colourful and softly modulated outer form and their interior lends these sculptures their daunting quality.