Wilhelm Mundt, ‘Trashtone 515’, 2011, Production waste in GRP

Trashtone 515, 2011

Production waste in GRP
43 (h) x 74 x 50 cm
17 (h) x 29¼ x 19¾ in
'Trashstone 515' belongs to a series of sculptures the artist started making in 1989. The works consist of production waste from the artist's studio coated in colored polyurethane resin. From the very outset the artist meticulously numbered each piece with a sequential triple-digit number. Each 'Trashstone' is part of a consecutive series, conjuring up visions of serial production processes. The group of works, which now comprises more than 700 individual pieces, is testimony to the artist’s consistent will to explore forms and colors, which makes each 'Trashstone' a unique, one-of-a-kind item.