Wilhelm Mundt, ‘Trashstone 756’, 2020, Production waste in aluminium

Trashstone 756, 2020

Production waste in aluminium
45 (h) x 61 x 49 cm
17¾ (h) x 24 x 19¼ in
The Trashstones made from aluminium occupy a special place in Wilhelm Mundt's oeuvre, which has now grown to include more than 750 sculptures. Whereas normally his Trashstones are finished by polishing the final layer of colored acrylic, here Wilhelm Mundt takes an additional step by subjecting the work to another, far-reaching process.

The sculpture, which is actually finished, is completely molded and cast in two aluminum shells. Before the two halves are assembled and closed, the artist places the original Trashstone back into the aluminum sculpture. By the logic of the oeuvre, the outer form of the aluminum Trashstones is the result of the process of making the inner one, the core that is hidden from the viewer.

Wilhelm Mundt has been working on the Trashstones series since 1989. It began with Trashstone 001. The open-ended series makes it clear that the oeuvre continues with each new sculpture.