Bettina Pousttchi, ‘Vertical Highways A14’, 2020, Crash barriers, steel, unique

Vertical Highways A14, 2020

Crash barriers, steel, unique
227 (h) x 120 x 71 cm
89¼ (h) x 47¼ x 28 in
The sculpture adds a deeper insight into the artist’s interest in structures of public space. The crash barriers used here demarcate public space and regulate movement and yet often are unnoticed. Bettina Pousttchi mechanically deformed the individual parts one by one and arranged them into a single sculptural unit. Even in the altered form the functional objects remain recognizable, while clearly betraying the forces brought to bear on the material.

The fluid form lends the sculpture an anthropomorphic trait and the monochrome surface blends the separate parts into a cohesive form. The vertical positioning of the normally horizontally placed elements provokes a shift in our spatial experience and underlines the referential role of architecture in the artist’s work.

The work is suitable for outdoors.