Tony Cragg, ‘Untitled (Hedge Berlin I)’, 2018, Solid steel

Untitled (Hedge Berlin I), 2018

Solid steel
116 (h) x 102 x 82 cm
45¾ (h) x 40¼ x 32¼ in
The group of work Hedges, inspired by Tony Cragg's childhood memories of landscapes with hedges in his English home region, comprises filigree leaf- and blade-like forms. The organic configurations rouse associations with a hedge or tumbleweed. The red-brown, matt shimmering patina of the steel contributes to these natural associations. However, looking more closely, it becomes clear that the forms, in their buoyancy and arrangement, are artificial – they are man-made. Like a mobile, the formations seem to float in a perfectly balanced state, as if their shape could alter at any given moment.