Anna & Bernhard Blume, ‘Ideoplastie (Ideoplasty)’, 1971, Gelatin silver print

Ideoplastie (Ideoplasty), 1971

Gelatin silver print
3-part, each 38,5 x 23,5 cm
15¼ x 9¼ in
The text plate translates as follows;

Over time, I got used to the sporadic appearance of sticky, dry particles on my shoulder, especially since it didn't happen that often and hardly interfered with my daily work at school. My colleagues took little notice. At the most, my superior director would sometimes dust my shoulder with a light hand gesture as he passed by before I went on duty.
There followed days when none of this occurred. Every now and then I collected some of these things into a box and made a list of them.
Great difficulty arose for me in designating their differences. Sometimes a term was completely missing, sometimes it missed the point by some distance, leaving everything in the all-too-unfamiliar.
But I am sure to objectify these things little by little and thus to keep them at bay! In the list I will determine all appearing phenomena according to shape, color, extension, speed and direction, but also I will book the not predictable properties like time and place of their appearance.

B.J. Blume 1971