William Tucker, ‘Detail of Cat’s Cradle IV (1971)’, 2020

Detail of Cat’s Cradle IV (1971), 2020

Mural Engraving
252 (h) x 600 x 6 cm
99¼ (h) x 236¼ x 2¼ in
The wall works, Cat’s Cradle IV (1971), 2020 and Porte VI (1973), 2020 consist of 6 cm deep and 6 cm (2¼ x 2¼ in) wide incisions in the wall, which, painted black, form a negative relief. The Mural Engravings refer to three series of abstract sculptures from the early 1970s, the groups Shuttler, 1970, Cat’s Cradle, 1971, and Porte from 1973, which, composed of linear elements, derive their power from the play of spatial illusions and analytically describe space. The Mural Engravings translate essential aspects of these historical works into two-dimensionality, thus updating their relevance.